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Chemistry 101 – Oil and Water Don’t Mix!

 The challenge with full spectrum hemp oil is that when mixed with water, the oil simply floats on the top. Since water molecules are packed very tightly, oil molecules cannot incorporate into the water to form a solution.

 This is a problem where inside out bodies, only water-soluble substances can permeate the intestinal cells thereby creating benefits to the body. Most oil and fat substances are excreted. This means that over 90% of the Oil-based supplements you buy may have very little benefit at all.

Enter UltraCell Technology, 

turning simple chemistry on its ear!


The simple reality is that regardless of how high-quality an oil-based supplement is, it your body can’t absorb the oil; your body will not receive the benefit. So it’s not what you take but what your body absorbs that makes the difference!

UltraCell technology uses two delivery systems, liposomes that act as a time released delivery system and micelles, for rapid onset. Together, these proven processes work with the body to maximize absorption. ULTRACell, only available through Zilis Ambassadors, delivers a product with more than 400 naturally occurring entourage of compounds found in full-spectrum hemp oil, optimized to give you the most from each drop you take.


Percentage of CBD absorbed in the body over twelve hours.
UltraCell CBD is absorbed up to 30% times more than typical CBD oils.


The UltraCell Benefit
Cannabinoids in Your Body

 Within the body, there exists a complex network of receptors called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Studies have shown the ECS is most abundant in the brain and immune system and is responsible for vital functions such as sleep, relaxation, inflammatory responses, and cognitive ability. According to PubMed, Endocannabinoids are a class of diverse chemical compounds that act upon brain cell receptors altering neurotransmitter release.

 When the body has a healthy production of endocannabinoids they fuel the ECS. However, a deficient supply can have a major impact on how we feel. Thankfully, nature provides us with phytocannabinoids, a bio-identical match to the endocannabinoids we need, found in hemp.

 The Endocannabinoid system was discovered by the medical profession in the early 1990s. It has been proclaimed the biggest medical breakthrough since sterile surgery by medical professionals published in PubMed. Using ULTRACELL CBD Oil will assist your body’s natural tendency to feel better, have more energy, and experience better mental focus and improved sleep.  Make your Purchase today!




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